Pride of the Pond Catfish

Pride of the Pond is located in northwest Mississippi in Tunica. Pride of the Pond has been processing farm-raised catfish since 1983. The company was started by Paul Battle Jr., the Owens family and Bill Gidden. From the beginning, the founders of Pride of the Pond have made superior quality their top priority.  The name Pride of the Pond says it all. Pride of the Pond is a company dedicated to producing only products that everyone associated with the company is proud to put their name on. We at Pride of the Pond strive to make our customers successful by providing the best tasting farm-raised catfish in the industry.   Pride of the Pond is a name that has become synonymous with consistent quality and superior flavor.   Superior flavor begins with strict fish sample regulations. Fish pond flavor histories are kept to ensure that the fish coming into the plant are On Flavorâ„¢ and are ready to have the Pride of the Pond name on them.   We make no compromises when it comes to flavor quality; if they don't pass, they keep swimming. Farmers use the feed back from flavor samples to guide them in getting those fish ready to harvest. Pride of the Pond wants their customers to feel confident that what they sell is the best product available in the industry. Our customers keep us in business, so we continually strive to deliver the superior quality that they demand and deserve. We also work hard to produce those special orders that our customers feel will fit their own unique applications. Working closely with our customers, we can develop the custom product that will fill their needs and maintain their profit margin. Whether it is split fillet or special sizing needs we want to keep our customers happy and profitable.   

For information about our company and the process we go through from pond construction to packaging the final product, check out the video below: